A rich route for acquaintance with Karelian cuisine. In three days you will visit two national regions of the Republic and get acquainted with the beauty of the nature of the Northern Ladoga area. Excellent cafes and restaurants, traditions of small villages, acquaintance with the local population and its history.

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    1 day

    • 08:30 — departure from Petrozavodsk.
    • 08:30-10:00 — transfer to the village. Nurmolitsy (Olonets district).
    • 10:00-11:00 — visiting the guest house «Kodirandu», der. Nurmolitsy.
    • 11:30-14:00 — visit to the house of crafts «Armastalo», school, church of Flora and Lavra, der. Megrega.
    • 14:30-15:30 — visit to the visit-center «Goose Fields», der. Alexala.
    • 16:00-17:30 — visiting the hotel complex «Villa Vitele», pos. Mouth of Vidlitsa.
    • 19:30-21:00 — accommodation in the guest complex «Ladoga Fjord», pos. Koirinoya.

    2 day
    • 08:30 — departure from the village. Koirinoya.
    • 08:30-10:00 — visit to the “Priladozhie” trout farm, pos. Rautalahti.
    • 10:00-11:00 — visiting the museum of Kronid Gogolev, Sortavala.
    • 11:30-14:00 — visiting the hotel complex «Ladozhskaya Usadba», pos. Niemelyankhovi.
    • 14:30-15:30 — visiting the Lutheran Church (Ruskeala village) and the Ruskeala Mountain Park.
    • 16:00-17:30 — visiting the restaurant «Boulevard» (Sortavala), accommodation in the hotel «Piipun Piha».

    3 day

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